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In North America, CC is focused on the horticultural market. We offer a standardized rack/cart that was specifically developed for live plant shipments. Our horticultural rack was first developed over 30 years ago by our parent company in Europe and it has proven its efficiency and viability in both Europe and North America.

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CC Rack Attributes

Some important attributes of the CC rack include:

  • Retailer-friendly size allows CC carts to be easily moved within garden center aisles, and also allows ease of plant-watering due maximum 22” shelf width.
  • Use of wheels so that the rack can be easily moved at retail locations, and at every point in the supply chain without the need for a forklift or pallet jack.
  • Flexible shelf configurations with 32 shelf positions.
  • Truck-friendly dimensions with optimized loading patterns for 44’ and 53’ trailers and on box trucks
  • Ease of breakdown so that racks can be quickly and economically recovered from retail stores, and economically moved in quantities of approximately 300 racks per trailer.
  • Long asset life from use of galvanized steel frames and water sealed timber shelf boards.
  • Low capital cost which allows reasonable rental rates, and low cost buy-in options for Customers.
CC Pool Growth chart

CC Equipment Pool
400,000 Horticultural `Racks/Carts’

CC’s equipment pool has grown rapidly due to strong support from Customers, over the nine years since we commenced service in North America (see chart).

CC’s pool is now the largest in North America and offers retailers the opportunity to receive standardized order quantities throughout USA and Canada.

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CC Depot Network

CC equipment is stored at depots throughout the USA and Canada. The depots are located adjacent to areas where we have high demand from Customers, and in other markets where we have high recovery volumes from retail stores. We constantly relocate equipment between Depots to ensure supply availability for Customers.

map of depot locations
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CC Equipment Reporting & Tracking Systems

  • The horticultural supply chain is fast moving, complex, and especially challenging because approximately 70% of shipments occur within the Spring season of March, April and May. However, even within this three month window the majority of horticultural shipments are triggered by the onset of warm Spring weather and this means peak shipping activity usually ramps up from mid-April through to the end of May.
  • During these peak shipping months, logistics costs (freight, packaging/rack usage, etc) escalate rapidly. It is essential that growers optimize their logistics plan so that they can be sure they deliver their live plants to market, and at the same time achieve lowest possible logistics costs.
  • To efficiently use CC Equipment and to achieve the lowest possible cost per cart shipped, it is essential that shipments are accurately reported to CC. The payback from accurate shipment reporting comes from faster and more complete recovery of carts/racks in the months following peak season.
  • CC has invested heavily in RFID and bar-code scanning systems enabling all CC Customers to have the best available information about their usage of CC Equipment.
  • In 2012, CC launched a Customer Portal which provides Customers access to a variety of information about their CC account. The portal provides reports and data on recovery rates by Retailer, State, etc. and invoices and transaction summaries.
    • CC is committed to expanding the Customer portal functionality. We recently added interactive maps showing the location of racks awaiting recovery from retail stores. Future plans include additional reporting on equipment cycle time.