Introduction to CC

Container Centralen, Inc (CC, Inc) provides the North American horticultural industry with a unique alternative to disposable packaging or grower-owned equipment for the delivery of live plants to garden center retailers. CC provides customers with:

  • Access to a pool of approximately 400,000 shipping racks/carts.
  • A choice of rental services to accommodate different customer requirements.
  • The opportunity to deliver CC equipment to over 12,000 garden center locations including large `box store’ retailers’, `club/specialty’ retailers, and numerous independent garden centers.
  • Leading edge RFID-based reporting/tracking systems.
  • A unique and powerful system for recovery of racks/carts from retail stores. By using the combined the combined freight resources of CC and Customers, the CC recovery system reaches more stores more often and speeds the recovery of CC equipment from retail locations.
  • The option to use CC’s leading edge asset tracking systems for `customer-owned assets’. This allows Customers to have one system for their combined CC and grower-owned rack activities.
  • Newly launched Logistics Services (via a CC partner company) that allow CC to assist Customers with freight and other services to assist delivery of live plants to retail stores.

CC’s services allow growers to significantly expand their market reach or expand their delivery capacity via a sustainable packaging system which can also provide lower costs than disposable packaging or grower-owned equipment.

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